P2D/USB Double Pole Double Power Point with Dual USB Charger

SKU: expdoupolusb



Double Pole Twin Outlet with Dual USB Charger specially for Caravans, Campers, Motor Homes, Recreational Vehicles and Boats

  • Transco Explorer
  • Product Code - P2DUSB
  • Twin Power 10 Amp Double Pole USB Outlets
  • Required for use in all Caravans, Recreational Vehicles and Trailers.
  • Silver Covers Available
  • Also In Black
  • Twin 2.1 Amp USB Outlets
  • Requires 35mm Depth behind plate or can be mounted on 16mm or 34mm Mounting Block.
  • Australian Design Award Patented
  • Australian Approval No N25697


SKU expdoupolusb
Colour White
Brand Transco

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