Power Board 5 Pin 32A to 4 X 15A RCBO Protected Outlets

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Power Board 5 Pin 32A to 4 X 15A RCBO Protected Outlets

  • Electrotraders Power Boards are made using all Australian approved quality Components
  • This board supplies 4 x 15 Amp Single Phase 240 Volt Outlets from a 2 Metre 5 Pin 32 Amp 3 Phase supply.
  • Three Phase to Single Phase Protected Adapter 5 Pin 32A Plug to 3 Pin 15A Sockets
  • 2 metre lead HO7 Rubber Cable
  • Circuit Protected by 2 x Single Pole GEN3 16 Amp RCBOs 4.5kA and 1 x Single Pole GEN3 32 Amp RCBO 4.5kA
  • Mounted inside 6 Module Base
  • Dimensions of Base Unit 290 x 195 x 110mm
  • All GEN3 Industrial Switch Gear is IP66 Rated
  • All GEN3 plastics are PCA18 virgin grade (No regrind)
  • All GEN3 products use 316 Stainless Steel Springs and Mounting Screws.
  • All Brass internal components are greater than 85% copper.
  • All GEN3 products have Australian/NZ Approval Certificates.
  • All GEN3 products are interchangeable with other major brands.
  • GEN3 Operating Temperature range -25 °C to +70°C
  • The lead is made of HO7 Grade Rubber Flex which is sheathed in a Black Insulation that is Chemical/Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant
  • Conductors - Class 5 tinned copper according to AS/NZS 1125,IEC 60228
  • Insulation - Ethylene-propolene rubber (EPR) R-RP-90 90°C Conductor
  • Inner Sheath - EPDM Rubber Outer Jacket - Chlorinated Polyethylene, CPE rubber compound.
  • UV, Sunlight and weather resistant. Flame retardant to IEC 60332-1-2:2004,EN60332-1-2-2004.
  • Operating Temperature range -25°C to +90°C (mobile) -40°C to +90°C (fixed)
  • IP66 Rated Plug Socket and Base


SKU pob5324x15
Brand Electrotraders