3 Phase To Single Phase Adapter 5 Pin 20A Plug to 3 Pin 15A Outlet

SKU: ada520315



3 Phase To Single Phase Protected Adapter 5 Pin 20A Plug to 3 Pin 15A Socket

  • Three Phase Adapter 20A Plug to Single Phase 3 Pin 15 Amp Protected Socket Outlet
  • Quality Angled 3 Phase 5 Pin Round 20A Plug
  • 2 Metre lead HO7 Rubber Cable
  • Circuit Protected by quality GEN3 16 Amp RCBO 4.5ka
  • 3 Pin 15 Amp Auto Switched Safety Socket
  • Tested and Tagged prior to Despatch
  • All Electrotraders Adapters are assembled In-House by our Licenced Electricians.

    Prior to Ordering this Adaptor please check & Confirm that the Outlet you are plugging into matches the Inlet plug on the Adapter i.e. 5 Pin 32A, 5 Pin 20A, 5 Pin 10A etc This will avoid inconvenience & Extra Cost should the incorrect adapter be purchased!


SKU ada520315
Manfacturer Part Number ada520315
Colour Grey
Brand Electrotraders