S5 U Mini Versatile Seam Roof Clamp Mount

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S5 U Mini Versatile Seam Roof Clamp Mount

  • S-5!
  • Product Code - S-5 U Mini
  • The S-5-U Mini is a medium-duty, non-penetrating seam clamp with one setscrew. The Mini is the choice for attaching all kinds of rooftop accessories: signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, lightning protection systems, solar arrays, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate lines, mechanical equipment—just about anything!
  • Aluminium Fixing Block with Stainless Steel Screws
  • Most suitable for Kliplock style seamed roofing
  • Dimensions 38mm x 30mm x 38.1mm Deep
  • Made in USA
  • Colour - Aluminium


SKU s5uminrooclaz
Colour Aluminium
Brand S-5!