LEPS MSD3-140M 3 Phase Mains Surge Diverter

SKU: lepsurpromsd3-140mz



LEPS MSD3-140M Mains Surge Diverter

  • Mains Surge Diverter,3 Phase for 4W+E of Y System,220/230/240V(L-N),L-N,L-E,N-E,140kA
  • All mode protection (L-L,L-N,,L-E,N-E)
  • Highest Safety Standard Design
  • Exceptional high surge handling capacity
  • Staged LED status indication
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Redundant Protection segments
  • Model RMP-05
  • Galvanised Steel Alloy Case
  • Dimensions 200x138x90mm
  • Note some stock has been re-labelled Enetec; Model number and functionality are the same


SKU lepsurpromsd3-140mz
Colour Black
Brand LEPS